Sustainability is the new Innovation

When Martin and Frantz founded Not Just a Bottle they focused on the sustainable initiative of making a product more efficiently and effectively with less resources, and less impact. 

Sustainable Production
All bottles are made of sustainably sourced one-piece bamboo from Vietnam. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing types of grass and can grow up to 30 meters with a 12 cm diameter. It is normally harvested after 5 years, which binds the CO2 much faster than slow growing trees. 

We always strive to source bamboo with good and safe working conditions and to make sure our supply chain is as sustainable as possible. We are therefore working closely with the local government in Vietnam, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, and the ©Forest Stewardship Council® to obtain a FSC SLIMF certification

Local Focus, Global Responsibility 
We source our bamboo from local bamboo forest communities that are home to 3000 families in Vietnam. Some families are supported financially by the local district government, but in general each family applies for an area of forest where they grow, maintain and harvest the bamboo.

Sustainable Bottle Coating
Our bottle coating is also produced in a sustainable manner and from a sustainable source. It is a natural material, heat resistant up to 65 degrees Celsius and is even edible. 

Labels and Namecards
In general we believe in keeping things as clean and simple as possible. We are therefore not using excessive bottle packaging, but only small product labels. Our labels and name cards are made from sustainably sourced bamboo fibers and made locally in Hong Kong by old Heidelberg pressing machines. The machines were used to press Hong Kong’s local newspapers in the 1970's.